Monday, 24 October 2016
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PT. Pondan Pangan Makmur Indonesia is a food manufacturer of ready to use premix such as Cake Mixes, Cookie Mixes, Ice Cream Mixes, Dessert Mixes, Pudding Mixes, as well as Seasoning Mix. Founded in 1978 under CV. Samseno as the company name, with factory located in Kapuk Muara, West Jakarta.  In 1992, we have moved to a new factory site in Jatake Industrial Zone, Tangerang. In 2000 the company name is changed to PT. Pondan Pangan Makmur Indonesia (PPMI).



   In our effort to escalate the quality and standard of PPMI’s products, we have been consistently making improvement from time to time in every part or Department in order to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP, as well as Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

   PPMI products are widely distributed throughout the nation, thanks to the good cooperation with our Distributors in all areas. To support the marketing activities, we have marketing teams that are stationed in major cities in Indonesia, which work closely together with sales teams to sell and distribute PPMI products.


PPMI has 3 product categories:
  1. Dessert Mixes (Cake Mixes, Cookie Mixes, Ice Cream Mixes, Dessert Mixes, Pudding Mixes, Agar-agar Powder, Jelly Powder) under Pondan brand.
  2. Seasoned Flour and Seasoning Mix/ Paste under Unifood  brand.
  3. Cake and Bread Premixes, Bread Improver, as well as Cake/Bread Fillings and Glazing or Horeca industry, Bakery and Cake Shop under Gusto brand.

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PPMI also has corporate customers such as:

  • Mc Donald's Indonesia
  • Pizza Hut
  • Bakmi Naga
  • Hema Dutch Resto
  • Kenny Roger’s Restaurant

Product marketing and production at this time still dominated the market 80% of domestic and export market is the rest of 20%. Export product was made to countries such as the Netherland, the United States of America, Suriname, Commonwealth of Australia and Vanuatu Islands.

Company Vision & Mission

    * Company Vision:
Pondan is an established business company with a strong brand, have a long proven commitment in product quality at an affordable price, and full supportive role in promoting its products.
    * Company Mission
To give every customer a satisfaction of using Pondan products, with quality controlled product lines, and sustainable products development in line with customer changing demands.