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Special Steamed Bolu

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of special steamed bake pond 400 gr 5 eggs 3 tablespoon water 5 tablespoons liquid margarine Chopped chicken meat Red pepper thinly sliced Celery thinly sliced GARNISH Parsley leaves HOW TO SERVE MINCED MEAT Saute 2 tablespoons red onion (finely sliced) and garlic with 1 tablespoon margarine to yellow Enter 150 grams […]

Marble Cake

INGREDIENTS 1 pack Pondan lapis Surabaya 400 gr 12 eggs (8 whole grains and 4 egg yolks) 150 gr margarine 100 gr butter 20 gr chocolate paste (include in pack) TOPPING Hot Chocolate Method of serving: 250 gr dark chocolate melted, added 75 grams of liquid milk, then stir until blended mint leaves Cherry HOW […]

Mini Martabak Variety

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of Pondan martabak 400 gr 2 pieces of egg yolks 20 gr margarine / liquid butter boiled water TOPPING Grated cheese Chocolate jam, strawberries Brown meses and colorful meses Roasted beans are chopped HOW TO MAKE Shake flour Pondan martabak, egg yolk and 350 mL water with medium speed mixer for 10 […]

Strawberry Rose Pudding

INGREDIENTS : 1 pack of Pondan Pudding Mix Strawberries 500 mL water food coloring sufficiently (red color) TOPPING : Strawberry Fruit Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE : Boil 500 mL of water, reduce the heat and enter Pondan Puding mix the strawberries into boiling water while stirring Stir gently until it boils again Let it […]

Making Strawberry Pudding

For strawberry enthusiasts, would be happy with the food that has a sweet taste and taste the strawberries. Cobain makes strawberry pudding Ala Pondan ROSE PUDDING STRAWBERRY INGREDIENTS : 1 pack Pondan pudding mix 500 mL water Food coloring to taste (red color) TOPPING :  Strawberry Fruit Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE :  Bring to […]

Ice Cream Chocolate

Who does not love ice cream ? even less chocolate. It certainly can help evoke the mood or as a stress-relieving drug as well. Chocolate ice cream is ice cream with natural or artificial chocolate flavor. Chocolate is the most preferred flavor other than ice cream with vanilla flavor The frozen chocolate recipe was first […]

Orange Mandarin Bika Ambon

INGREDIENTS : 1 pack of Pondan Bika ambon 400 gr 6 eggs (3 eggs and 3 egg yolks) 12 grams of instant yeast (in packaging) 50 mL water 25 gr liquide margarine 300 mL thick coconut milk grated lemon skin (to taste) TOPPING : Mandarin orange Red Cherry Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE :  Add […]

Black Forest Cup

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of Pondan black forest 400 gr 6 eggs 150 g liquid margarine chocolate paste (in packaging) TOPPING : Whip cream Pondan Dark Chocolate Cherry Red Cherry Mint Leaves HOW TO MAKE : Preheat oven (200 ° C) Beat eggs for 2 minutes until fluffy Enter the flour Pondan black forest, then shake […]

Brownies Pondan Recipe

Brownies Pondan

Brownies Pondan Brownies Pondan – – Hi Moms & Sis Let’s make brownies pondan easy! besides delicious, you also can make it without having to bother because PONDAN have a practical product in making various kinds of cake .. For Moms & Sis if Confused want to bring what cake for hangout with friends or […]

How to Make Neapolitan Ice Cream

How to Make Neapolitan Ice Cream

How to Make Neapolitan Ice Cream How to Make Neapolitan Ice Cream – – The delicious ice cream is ice cream that we know how the composition. Really not moms and sis? Now you can make your own ice cream at home you know with PONDAN ice cream. Invite your child or nephew to […]