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How to Make Chocolate Pancake

How to Make Chocolate Pancake How to Make Chocolate Pancake – – Pancakes are pancakes made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar and milk. Which in Dutch is called Pannenkoek. The ingredients are mixed with water by forming a thick dough fried over a flat pan or pan spread with butter. In today’s world, we ourselves […]

Brownies Steamed Tips

Brownies is a cake that is already very famous in the culinary world. It’s sweet and legit makes this one food favored by all walks of life, including children. Moms and sis  now can make their own by using the premix flour from Pondan, but we want to share tips also that may be moms […]

What’s the Difference Cake And Bolu?

What’s the Difference Cake And Bolu? Maybe there are still confused yes moms and sis between cake and sponge, what’s the difference, just the same aja deh, the same soft cake, just different mention of it. It turns out really different, Moms ! Bolu or can also be called a butter cake made from fat […]

Differences Pudding, Agar-agar And Jelly

Differences Pudding, Agar-agar And Jelly

Differences Pudding, Agar-agar And Jelly – – These three foods are desserts that taste fresh, textured chewy and many benefits, because it contains a high enough fiber. Although the shape, pudding, jelly and jelly look the same but when they are different foods, Moms What are the differences? Consider the following explanation : Pudding […]

Why Make Ice Cream With Salt?

If you make of ice cream salt is required. Why ? Do you know moms ? a passing ice cream seller can still sell ice cream in a frozen state, but never use a freezer and just kept in aluminum container only. Well, it turns under and around the place there is ice cubes that have […]

How to Clean Martabak Pans

Hai Moms, want to make martabak but lumbe rusty ? It is sometimes cooking utensils in the kitchen if rarely used will arise and hard to clean it moms dan sis, what else is made of iron, steel or aluminum.With the following steps,your martabak pan,which has been slightly rusty or dirty can be re-clean and […]

Tips To Make The Pudding Not Easily Melt

Pudding is a very tasty and refreshing dessert menu, the sweet taste makes pudding one of the mainstay dessert that is almost favored by everyone. Pondan has various types of puddings and flavor variants, such as chocolate mix pudding and instant flan pudding, it tastes as diverse as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mango make us […]

Black Forest Rolls

INGREDIENTS 1 pack Pondan Black Forest Cake Flour 400 gr 6 whole eggs + 4 yolks only 150 g liquid margarine 100 gr butter of liquid perfume Chocolate paste (contained in the package) GARNISH 1 pack Cake Powder Pondan Whip Cream 250 cc ice water 250 gr tan block (shrink) Cherry that has been cut […]