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How To Make Pudding Chocolate

Pudding is one of a kind from a wide selection of dessert or dessert. Puddings can be made by steaming, baking and boiling. Depending on what pudding you want moms and sis to make. Based on ingredients and how to cook it, pudding consists of 2 types: Puddings with thickening ingredients such as gelatin or […]

Banana Muffin Vanilla

MUFFIN VANILLA INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 400 gr Pondan Vanilla Muffin 200 gr mashed banana 3 eggs 2 ml of vegetable oil 3 grams of baking soda 4 grams of Spekuk condiment GARNISH Slices of banana Grated cheese Butter cream Red Cherry SERVING INSTRUCTIONS Preheat the oven to 200°C Mix the Pondan Vanilla Muffin flour, […]

Slice Chicken Katsu and Kentucky

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of Unifood Kentucky flour 7 tablespoons cold water 250 gr chicken fillet 1 tablespoon breadcrumbs GARNISH: French fries Chili Sauce Tomatoes Cucumber Lettuce SERVING INSTRUCTIONS For Chicken Katsu Flatten 1 cm thickness of chicken fillet by the way pound the chicken. Take 2 full tablespoons of Unifood Kentucky flour mixed with 7 […]

Mini Martabak Variety

INGREDIENTS 1 pack of 400 gr Pondan Martabak 2 yolks 20 gr melted margarine / melted butter Boiled water GARNISH Grated cheese Chocolate, strawberry jam Chocolate and colorful Meses Chopped roasted beans SERVING INSTRUCTIONS Whisk Martabak Pondan flour, egg yolks and 350 mL of water with medium speed mixer for 10 minutes Add 150 mL […]

Bake Your Cake With The Right Ways

panggang kue

Bake Your Cake – – Setting the temperature or temperature of the oven and baking time of the cake when we make the cake is essential to produce the perfect shape, texture or cake flavor. Where sometimes in the recipe or how to make cake in the recipe book or internet media often the author […]

Brownie Ketan Hitam Pondan Coating

Ingredients: 1 pack of Pondan Brownies Kukus Ketan Hitam Lapis Pandan 3 eggs 120 mL of cooked coconut milk Coconut meat Garnish : Butter cream Pandan leaves Cherry Grated coconut Serving Instructions : Preheat the steamer with a large fire Whisk 1 ½ eggs at high speed for 2 minutes until expands Pour Pondan Brownies […]

General Mistake When Make A Cake

Making the cake is a bother easy moms and sis. You can go to the culinary school first or even self-taught while learning by doing, because by getting used to it so long you can fluently make a cake. In ancient times, cooking was a duty for every woman to be able to do so. […]