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Health Benefits of Cookies


Health Benefits of Cookies ? Cookies are the all-time favorite for all those who love tasty and healthy snacks. But, when you hear the word cookies, you may think of all the butter and the sugar. When in reality, that do have health benefits for your body. Mom and Sis must know how to get […]

6 Chocolate Business Beneficial

bisnis cokelat

Chocolate business – Chocolate is the name for processed foods or beverages from cocoa beans. Long ago, chocolate could only be consumed by the nobles, in contrast to the present day where chocolate is consumed by various social circles freely. It tastes sweet and comes in many forms, making many people never tired of eating […]

10 Myths and Facts about Chocolate

Mitos dan Fakta Tentang Cokelat

Myths and Facts chocolate – Chocolate is a very popular food since it was found 4000 years ago. This indulgent food comes in various shapes, bar, liquid, powder and can also complement other sweet treats. But is chocolate bad for our body, full of caffeine and saturated fat? Wait a minute, recent research shows that […]