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Mau Dapetin THR Dari Pondan ? Cek disini !


THR | – Wah Bentar Lagi Hari Raya tiba nih.. Bagi Kamu yang merayakan nya di Hari Raya, selain baju baru. kue-kue yang enak dan silaturahmi bersama keluarga tentunya yang ditunggu-tunggu adalah THR.. iya kan ????? Nah mom and sis bisa banget nih dapet THR Pulsa Senilai 1,000,000 untuk 3 orang dari Pondan ! Mimin juga mau banget […]

7 Common Nastar Mistakes

Common Nastar Mistakes – – Nastar cookie enthusiasts surely have thought of making their favorite cookie themselves at least once. Aside from enjoying these pineapple-filled cookies at any time, not having to wait for the day of Eid has its own satisfaction. Although from recipes to video tutorials on how to make nastar cookies can be […]

How To Make Nastar Without An Oven

Make Nastar Without An Oven

Make Nastar Without An Oven – – Ramadan is the month of change. Not only in terms of religion, but this time is also fit for trying new things, especially something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, such as baking nastar cookies for Lebaran. You even have a month to practice. Don’t […]

Tips and Tricks for Making Delicate and Creamy Nastar

Creamy Nastar | – Who doesn’t like nastar? These cookies filled with pineapple jam are an Indonesian family favourite, especially on big occasions like Lebaran. The delicate, melt in your mouth taste makes these cookies quickly run out, it is so much different from the process that take a lot of time. Not to […]