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Lava Brownies Cake ala Pondan

Lava Brownies Cake Lava Brownies Cake – |Hello Mom & Sis, Pondan has a new creation that will melt in your mouth … In accordance with the title, Pondan will share the ways and steps to make lava cake using Pondan Brownies Pouch, mmmm yummy! Let’s follow and see the steps below: Ingredients : […]

Job Vacancy Tax Supervisor

Hello .. PONDAN is an open Recuitment for Tax Supervisor. Before you read the qualifications, it’s better if you see about the PONDAN Company here Responsibility : • Supervise all tax-related transactions • Responsible for get accurate data • Can resolve tax problems internally and with tax officers Requirements : • At Least Accounting S1 […]

Brownies Fudgy, Chewy, and Cakey, What’s the Difference? – What kind of brownies do you like? There are three different types – fudgy, chewy, and cakey. What distinguishes each type is the texture and taste. There are cakes that are dense, sticky and use lots of chocolate. What’s the difference? Let’s see the explanation below! Fudgy Fudgy brownies have a high fat content […]