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Croquembouche, The Tower of Soes Cake from France

France is a paradise for delicious cakes, like this cake called Croquembouche for example. The stack of soes cakes that are arranged conical upwards and glued together with caramel to keep them together and look beautiful. Then what is the story of this pretty cake? The Origin of Croquembouche Starting from the word croque-en-bouche which […]

Steamed Brownies vs Baked Brownies, Which Is Tastier?

Steamed brownies is the popular brownies in Indonesia when compared to the original version, baked brownies. In fact, the taste of baked brownies is just as delicious as steamed brownies. So what are mom and sis, the difference between steamed brownies and baked brownies? Let’s look at below. Baked Brownies – [ via ] […]

The Various Sponge Cake from Indonesia

Mom & sis surely know already, sponge cake has long been a part of the culinary culture of Indonesia. Not only delicious and legit, sponge cake in some regional traditions is even not uncommon to become an important symbol. Then what kind of uniqueness of Indonesian’s cakes have? Let’s take at look to Pondan’s brief […]

Sponge Cake and Chiffon Cake, What’s the Difference?

Both have the appearance of a soft cake that expands, many do not know if there is a difference between Sponge Cake and Chiffon Cake. These two processed pastry products are often labeled identical to each other. Yet in terms of texture, taste, and ingredients, they are not at all you know. Let’s not be […]

Putu Roll Cake Creations

Putu Roll Cake Creations –Is there anyone who misses eating sweet, savory Putu cookies? Now you can make it at home using Pondan Chiffon Pandan. Putu cookies are printed and steamed using bamboo, so they form a tube cake. This cake is usually sold in the afternoon and accompanied by a distinctive whistling sound. […]