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5 Ways to Serve Marshmallows to the Next Level

Who doesn’t like snacking? This activity does make the stomach full and the heart feels happy. One snack that must be available is marshmallows. The sweet taste and chewy texture are indeed suitable for any occasion. Sometimes you get bored eating marshmallows in the same way. Why not check out some of the unique ways […]

5 Tips on Making Crust Pie

The delicacy of pie is not only influenced by the contents, but also by the crunchiness of the crust that covers it. By the way, making crispy crust itself is easy. The method will be reviewed in the explanation below: Use Low Protein Flour The gluten content found in the flour will greatly affect the […]

Kreasi Red Velvet Gulung Pondan

Kreasi Red Velvet Gulung Pondan – Red Velvet dalam bentuk slice atau cupcake? Sudah biasa. Red Velvet dalam bentuk kue gulung? Bikin yuk pakai Pondan! Kue dengan isian cream cheese yang lembut ini jadi cemilan kesukaan banyak orang. Selain warna dan cita rasanya yang khas, bentuknya pun bisa dikreasikan loh! Apalagi dengan dua produk […]

Pondan Plum Layer Cake

Pondan Plum Layer Cake – What cakes are chewy and legit? That was Layer Cake. A sweet-scented cake which is usually stacked and layered is apparently not complicated to make. Mom & sis can make it at home using ready-made cake flour, Pondan Lapis Surabaya & Bolu Gulung. Mom & sis just need to prepare […]