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Easy, This is How to Cook Boba


Have you tried boba yet? Yup, lately these tapioca balls are very popular among the youth. Besides its chewy texture and savory taste, the carbohydrate and sugar content in boba can also add energy. Apparently, it is not that difficult to cook boba. The ingredients needed are also quite simple. Here are several steps on […]

Resep Pudding Coklat Valentine Pondan

Kreasi Pondan Pudding Coklat Valentine – Cucu, mari sambut hari kasih sayang dengan suguhan spesial untuk mereka yang Cucu sayangi. Bingung ingin menyajikan apa? Yuk, ikuti resep pudding coklat Valentine andalan Oma ini.⁣⁣ Bahan: 1 pouch Pudding Flan 100 gr  jus  stoberi 8 gr jus lemon 450 ml air 30 gr gula pasir Alat- […]

For Valentine’s Food, Pair Chocolate with These 5 Ingredients

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is often associated with chocolate. The sweet and delicious taste of chocolate seems to represent the idea of love that is just as sweet. As a common Valentine’s food, chocolate will certainly be more pleasing if it’s combined with other tasty treats. So, which ingredients are the best chocolate […]

Pondan Pudding Cake Creation

Pondan Pudding Cake Creation –Grandchildren like pudding and brownies? Here, Oma has a delicious and unique pudding cake recipe. This Pudding Cake combines two sweet desserts into a beautiful cake. Grandchildren can taste fresh pudding and soft brownies that are legit at the same time. Grandchildren are curious about the recipe? grandma, let me […]