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Japanese Cream Puff Recipe – Make a super creamy and fluffy Japanese Cream Puff using Pondan? You can do it! The recipe is simple and doesn’t require a lot of additional ingredients. INGREDIENTS For Puff Cake 1 pack of Pondan Kue Soes 4 eggs 80 ml of water 70 gr of melted margarine 70 gr of melted butter […]

3 Common Mistakes on Making Choux – Who doesn’t like the softness of Choux Cake? Yes, this round cake filled with milk fla or custard is indeed able to shake the tongue of the audience. However, making this cake from the land of windmills, the Netherlands, turns out to be easy and difficult, you know. You see, the mixture of […]

History of Whip Cream – Whipped cream or what is often called whipped cream has indeed become a mandatory topping when decorating sponge cakes. Not only sponge or cake, whip cream can also apparently be used to decorate drinks. Its soft texture and taste that is not too sweet is indeed addictive, especially when mixed with other ingredients […]