Monthly Archives: December 2021

Bakpia Brownies Recipe – How if the taste of Jogja’s typical bakpia become when combined with European recipes? That curiosity will be answered through this latest recipe from me. The name is Bakpia Brownies! This bakpia made by me is not just any bakpia because it’s made from brownie dough. It also has a cheesy creamy filling […]

Sponge Cake and Butter Cake, Are They Kue Bolu? – If you are a cake lover, you must be familiar with the term “kue bolu”, right? Yes, the name that refers to this soft textured cake generally consists of three main ingredients, namely eggs, wheat flour, and sugar. However, do you know where the sponge cake came from and what types? The term […]

4 Varieties of Chocolate to Enhance Flavors – If you like chocolate, you must be familiar with the variants, don’t you think? Chocolate is one of the most primary ingredients of cakes. Its addictive taste is believed to have a number of health benefits, one of which is reducing stress levels and improving mood. Chocolate can relieve stress conditions because it […]