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Tips for Making Soft and Fluffy Sponge Cake – Sponge cake is one type of cake that is very popular in the community. It can be said that this cake is an basic or the basis of the cake type so that it is commonly made by anyone. However, not everyone understands the tips for making sponge cake to make it softer […]

5 Tips to Make Super Soft Putu Ayu – Putu ayu is a type of traditional snack with a sprinkling of savory grated coconut on the top. This super soft putu ayu looks like a sponge cake. The process of making this snack is quite easy, but if you take a wrong step it can make it tough and not expand perfectly. […]

Zero Waste Cooking Tips You Can Do To Reduce Kitchen Waste – Did you know that the kitchen also contributes a lot of waste every day? Therefore, there are many movements that advocate doing zero waste cooking which can have a good impact on the environment and life. Tips Zero Waste Cooking To Reduce Kitchen Waste Zero waste cooking is one of the efforts you […]