3 Common Mistakes on Making Choux

pondan.com – Who doesn’t like the softness of Choux Cake? Yes, this round cake filled with milk fla or custard is indeed able to shake the tongue of the audience. However, making this cake from the land of windmills, the Netherlands, turns out to be easy and difficult, you know. You see, the mixture of flour, butter and water so that the Choux Cake expands must be right. If not, making Choux Cake can be actually tough.

In the process, making Choux Cake is indeed very unique and different from processing cake dough in general. If cakes usually rely on beaten eggs, butter, and sugar first, Kue Soes actually has to cook flour, butter, water over a fire until it boils. Only after it is cooked, the eggs are added one by one.

The Key for Soes to Swell

Soes cakes do not use developer ingredients such as baking soda or baking powder. The cake ingredients used are just whipped with a mixer. That’s why, many are stuck here and the Cake Soes fails to expand.

The first reason is that Kue Soes fails usually because the flour is not sifted first. In fact, this filtering aims so that the dough will be easily stirred evenly and does not clump when cooked on the stove.

The key for Soes Cake to expand is in the right amount of water, flour and margarine. You can use the 2:1:1 formula. So, if you use 200 ml of water, then you need 100 grams of flour and 100 grams of butter. So the dough is not too runny or thick.

Not only that, the mistake that is often made so that Kue Soes fails to expand is that the egg is inserted when the flour and butter mixture is still hot. The right thing is, the cooked flour and butter dough must be drained first, then add the eggs one by one.

The oven temperature for baking Soes Cake must also be considered, here. Make sure, you bake the Soes Cake at a temperature of around 2000C for approximately 25 minutes. Avoid opening and closing the oven during the baking process, yes.

Make Soes Cake with Pondan

Well, for those of you who want to make Kue Soes and don’t want to fail, Pondan now comes with the premix of Kue Soes. So, you just add other ingredients such as eggs, water, margarine, butter, and cooking oil.

With this Pondan Kue Soes, you will be given the right procedure and dose using the ingredients, so don’t worry that the Soes Cake that you make yourself ends up failing.

In addition, you can be creative with this Pondan Kue Soes, you know. The contents can be as you wish. Come on, immediately check the Pondan website here or your favorite marketplace to get the product. Do not miss!


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