3 Important Things in Making Pondan Pudding that is Spongy and Anti-Damage

pondan.com When you gather with your beloved family, it is not uncommon for you to find it difficult to choose a suitable and preferred snack menu. For that, one of the mainstay menus that you can serve is Pondan pudding which is delicious, chewy, and nutritious.

Even though it is relatively easy, there are still many people who have difficulty in making pudding that is chewy and not easily damaged. However, this problem is actually not a difficult problem that can be solved by paying attention to the following things:

Tools and Ingredients for Making Pondan Pudding

Actually, making pudding is an easy and simple thing to serve for loved ones in their spare time. However, not all puddings that people make have maximum chewy results and are often easily damaged.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the selection of ingredients that are guaranteed halal and their quality. Not only that, you also need to pay attention to the tools that will be used for cooking for maximum results.

Cooking Method

Making Pondan pudding using Instant Pondan Flan pudding is recommended because it is simpler and tastes delicious. Usually, to cook pudding, you have to take the pudding powder to a boil and then pour it into a large bowl.

However, cooking Flan Pondan Pudding is certainly different from how to cook pudding in general. The reason, to make it enough to pour the powder little by little in boiling water so as not to clump.

Pay attention to Pudding Design

Paying attention to the cooking method is also an important thing in making pudding so that it is chewy and not easily damaged. Although many consider it trivial, the cooking process is very important for you to pay attention to.

Besides that, also pay attention to the people who will consume the pudding because the ingredients will certainly be different. Like children who like sweets or parents who have to avoid puddings that are too sweet.

There are several ways to make Pondan pudding that will work in an easy and practical way by paying attention to the above. Use Instant Pondan Flan Pudding which you can find in the nearest marketplace or minimarket.

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