3 Pondan Cookies For Family Gathering

pondan.com Family gatherings are often held to celebrate important moments in the family. To make this family gathering more intimate, Pondan pastries are often chosen as a regular snack.

Pondan Pastry Options

Cookies are indeed very suitable to be used as snacks during group events because they are small and easy to eat. However, some people are reluctant to choose pastries as snacks because the manufacturing process tends to be complicated.

Actually now you don’t have to worry anymore because cookies can be made easily. Just use a cake mix product from the brand Pondan, you can enjoy the pastries you want. Among the various pastry mix products from the brand Pondan, here are 3 types of pastries that are most appropriate for your family gathering.

Brownies & Cookie Mix

The first product Pondan pastries that is very suitable to be served at family gatherings is Pondan Brownies & Cookies Mix. To make brownies or cookies usually you will need a long time.

But with Pondan, you can put your dough in the oven in less than 10 minutes from the start of the manufacturing process. You can also add toppings as desired, such as almonds or grated cheese. The chocolate taste of these cookies is guaranteed to make your family members addicted.

Pondan Kaastengel Cookies

Kaastengel cake is one of the most popular types of pastries due to its striking cheese flavor. If you don’t want to measure each ingredient yourself, you can make these cookies using mix flour from Pondan. Don’t worry, the taste of your kaastengel cake is guaranteed to make you satisfied.

Nastar Cake

Besides kaastengel, nastar is also one of the pastries that is always present at family events, especially during Eid. No need to wait for Eid, you can make nastar cake right now using dough from Pondan cake mix products. By serving this cake, family gatherings feel more meaningful.

Those are some Pondan pastriesthat you can serve at your family gathering. Serving delicious cakes that the whole family will love will make your family event even more exciting.

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