3 Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes

3 Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes. Which is your favorite?

Pondan.com Thick with local flavor, unexpectedly you know mom and sis that there are cakes that are popular in Indonesia turned out to be a legacy from the Netherlands. The close history of Indonesia to the Dutch colonial era and the occurrence of cultural acculturation between the two are the reasons for the birth of these cakes, which are also a favorite of almost everyone to date. So what are the typical cakes from the Dutch heritage? Here Pondan has a review for you.

  1. Lapis Legit

Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes

Leg layer cake, or also often called spekuk, is a kind of sponge cake with a thick spice aroma. Dutch love for spices from the earth of Indonesia is said to be the forerunner to the birth of this cake. In the colonial era, this cake is often a favorite dessert at every Rijsttafel-style banquet.

In the original recipe, this cake has a distinctive flavor and aroma of spices. But along with the times, there are now many variations of legit layer cake that mom & sis can find such a layer of legit with pandanus flavor, chocolate, etc. Like the timeless, this colonial-era heritage cake remains a favorite of all good people in Indonesia and even in the Netherlands there. Even in the Netherlands, the price of one can only reach the price of hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

  1. Kastengel

With its characteristics as a snack that must be present on major holidays in Indonesia such as Eid, Chinese New Year, or Christmas, apparently this savory cake comes from the Netherlands you know mom & sis. Kastengel cakes in Indonesia are adapted from the original recipe in the Netherlands which also has a similar name, Kaasstengels. The difference is, original Dutch kastengel has a textured like pastry while Indonesian kastengel has a shape more like a cookie.

Original Kastengel cakes usually use Edam cheese, a type of cheese from the Netherlands that has a distinctive aroma. But because in Indonesia edam cheese is usually quite difficult to find, the use of cheese can be replaced with the type of gouda cheese or cheddar cheese.

  1. Nastar

Popular Dutch Heritage Cakes

Just like kastengel, nastar cake is also a favorite cake for every celebration in Indonesia. Historically, nastar cake started with the Dutch colonists’ longing for the tarts they used to eat in the Netherlands. They used to make tarts with fruits such as apples and blueberries. However, because it is difficult to find, they then modify the recipe using local fruits such as pineapple. Then creating nastar.

Not only in Indonesia, nastar is also popular in several neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Even in peranakan Chinese culture in Southeast Asia, nastar is an important food because of the philosophy it contains. Nastar is often used as food that must be served during Chinese New Year because it is believed to bring good luck.

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