3 Tips on Baking Brownies

baking brownies

3 Tips on Baking Brownies You Need to Know

Pondan.comBrownies are delicious, especially if you make brownies by yourself. However, this is not the case if your brownies end up with a soft, undercooked or too dry result that they almost burn. Even though there might be someone who likes the results of brownies like that, it is still the perfect brownies that will be liked by everyone. You need to know how long to baking the brownies to get the perfect ripeness.

Not hard but not easy too. Maybe it’s the one who can describe exactly how to make the perfect brownies. So, for mom & sis at home, you definitely can read a few tips to get the perfect baked brownies to result below.

  1. Follow the Recipe

Maybe it might sound trivial, right? But, if you follow the recipe well and carefully, the effort for making delicious brownies at home is guaranteed not to fail. Also, make sure you follow a trusted recipe!

  1. Pay attention to the brownies when baking

The temperature in the oven is often uneven. Therefore, always pay attention to your brownies when baking. Sometimes rotating the brownies pan halfway through the baking can also help you get evenly cooked brownies.

  1. Watch for cracks in the brownies

When cooked, the surface of the brownies will look hard and slightly crisp. The center will also look solid and not sway when touched. Remove your brownies from the oven immediately to get good results. If left too long, you will find your brownies cracked and not pretty anymore because they lose a lot of moisture.

It’s not too difficult to try, is it? Well, for mom & sis who don’t want to be bothered or afraid of failing to make brownies, you can use Pondan Brownies Pouch. Just add eggs, water and also melted butter, you can get delicious brownies without fail and are not complicated. Besides being baked, Pondan Brownies Pouch can also be steamed you know! Mom & sis can get Pondan Brownies Pouch on the Pondan website or by visiting your favorite e-commerce site. Come on, get some creation with Pondan!

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