3 Tricks to Set the Temperature of the Oven

How to regulate the oven’s temperature evenly is one of the challenges most often faced by cake makers. This is very important to produce cake with perfect taste and texture. Maybe if we use an electric oven this is not too much of an obstacle, but if it is used by a Tangkring oven, special tricks are needed to regulate the temperature of the oven so that it is evenly distributed properly. Some tips that can be tried include:

  1. Complete the oven with a special oven thermometer

Oven thermometers are heat-resistant thermometers that are used to measure oven temperatures. Usually the way to use it is to put it in the oven or just put it on a rack or hang it. If we do not have a thermometer, we can still work around the temperature of the oven so that the heat is evenly distributed by regularly opening the oven. If it’s only been a while that the cake has turned yellow, that’s a sign that the fire is too hot.

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  1. Ensure that the Tangkring Oven is In the Parallel Position

Oven in an oblique position will make the temperature inside is not spread evenly. As a result, the cake can be partially cooked. Of course we don’t want this, do we? Therefore, make sure the location of the oven is aligned so that the shape of the cake is good and evenly cooked.

pondan cara mengatur suhu oven
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  1. Put the Cake after the Tangkring Oven is Preheated for a Few Moments

As with all cakes in general, don’t just add the cookie mixture without heating the oven first. This prevents the resulting cake from not being smooth, uneven in color, or even burning, and not expanding.

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