5 Mistakes on Making Donut

pondan.com – Donut lovers, making donut may not be as simple as it looks. Have you ever failed when kneading the dough and it turned tough? Indeed, kneading this donut dough is not easy, Moms. A smooth dough is characterized by a smooth texture and does not break easily. So, why doesn’t donut dough turn smooth? Well, pay attention and avoid some of these mistakes, Moms so that the donut dough made can always be smooth.

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  • Over-Kneading

Moms, kneading dough for too long will actually make it stickier, because the yeast that should be the developer doesn’t work due to frequent pressure by hands. But, don’t worry, Moms can still use the dough, really. The way to keep it from sticking is to add flour.

  • Too Much or Too Less

Lack of flour can also make donuts fail, Moms. As a result, the dough becomes sticky when fried. However, too much flour will also make the donut hard.
Therefore, when making the dough, add the flour gradually. The hallmark of the dough is that the size is right, it becomes smooth when kneaded, aka it is not easily broken or the fibers are visible. If the texture of the dough that Moms made is not like that, it means that something is not right.

  • Pouring Water at Once

Moms, to get a smooth dough, when pouring water, you have to do it little by little. Do not all at once, because it can make the dough mushy.

  • Incorrect Way of Kneading

Well, the key to kneading donut dough is by washing clothes and getting punched, why? The dough that is kneaded by pulling like you’re washing clothes, then ‘punched’ will be easier to knead.

  • Unfermented

In order for the yeast in the dough to work, you must let the dough that has been kneaded in a container, then cover it with plastic or cloth. The purpose of this dough is allowed to rise so that later when it is fried it is not tough.

What a Smooth Donut Dough Looks Like

Moms, the dough that is smooth is usually smooth and doesn’t break easily. When pulled, the dough is firmer, not hard. Moms can test by forming the dough into a round like a ball. Then prick with your finger. If the dough returns to its original state, it means that the dough is already smooth.

Tips for Kneading Donut Dough

First, Moms must know the amount in advance, so that the flour used is not too much or too little. Second, pour water little by little, Moms, so it doesn’t get soggy. Next, when kneading, apply the washing style and pounding. This technique can speed up the dough to become soft and smooth. Finally, don’t forget to save the dough that has been smooth and cover it with plastic or cloth so that it expands.
How about Moms, are you interested in making your own donuts at home? Don’t worry, Moms can enjoy homemade and delicious donuts using Indo Donut flour from Pondan. Guaranteed, the donuts that Moms make are fail-proof. Come on, check it out here or your favorite marketplace, okay? Good luck!

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