5 Popular Ice Cream You Must Try

5 Popular Ice Cream You Must Try | pondan.com – Who doesn’t love ice cream? Yes, this sweet and cold dessert is believed to be effective in treating a gray mood. However, did you know that this food which consists of the main ingredients of milk and cream has many variations. Come check out 5 types of popular ice cream that you can choose as a dessert friend below.

  1. Ice Cream Roll

Ice cream has gone viral in the past few years because of the unique and different way of making it from ice cream in general.

This type of ice cream that is widely sold in malls is made by pouring the dough on a flat baking sheet at a very cold temperature, then the dough is stirred in a chopping motion while mixed with other additional ingredients.

Suddenly, this manufacturing technique attracted the attention of ice cream lovers. The taste is no less a winner. Rolled ice cream is claimed to have a softer texture and a more diverse taste.

  1. Gelato Ice Cream

Originating from Italy, this contemporary ice cream has also become viral among the public. The word “Gelato” is taken from Italian which means frozen.

Ice which consists of the main ingredients of milk, cream and sugar, as well as added variations of this taste to be skyrocketed because the taste is known to be very strong and low fat content.

The process of making it is different from the usual ice cream. Gelato ice cream dough is processed at a very hot temperature, then cooled. Therefore, Gelato ice cream easily stale.

  1. Waffle Ice Cream

Ice cream which includes the next trend is waffle ice cream. This snack combines waffles and ice cream in one container. The combination of soft and cold ice cream, with waffles makes this food able to shake the tongue.

This ice cream is also widely sold in shopping centers or you can make your own at home because the ingredients used are very simple.

  1. Nitrogen Ice Cream

This dessert, which is also known as smoky ice cream, is a favorite for ice cream lovers because of its unique appearance. Yes, nitrogen ice cream smokes when eaten.

This is because liquid nitrogen is added to the ice cream mixture. Not just for aesthetics, nitrogen is useful for keeping the texture of ice cream cold.

  1. Sundae Ice Cream

The ice cream has become a popular choice among public favorite. Usually, Sundae ice cream consists of several scoops of ice cream plus a variety of toppings.

Ice cream originating from the United States mostly has a basic vanilla flavor, so when mixed with other toppings such as choco chips, messes, or corn, the taste can be balanced.

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