5 Savory Fried Snacks for Movie Night

It is almost without a doubt that movie nights are best spent eating fried snacks. Well, for hygiene purpose, maybe it’s time for you to make your own savory at home. Take a look at 5 savory fried snacks from us that will perfect your leisure time. The recipes are easy, especially if you use Tepung Unifood from Pondan.

1. Fried Meatballs

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The savory taste of fried meatballs is indeed out of questions. Especially, now with Bakso Goreng Unifood, it’s even easier to make this kind of snack. You need to simply prepare other ingredients, such as meat, eggs, celery, and scallions. After all the ingredients are well-mixed, shape the dough into balls. Then, fry it. For the dipping sauce, you can add sweet soy sauce mixed with chili.

2. Crispy Fried Mushrooms

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Do you remember buying this particular snack at school? Well, now, you can also make your at home with Unifood’s seasoning flour. Simply prepare oyster mushrooms, Tepung Ala Kentucky, and ice water. Then, fry it all. To make it more tasty, try adding sweet and sour spices onto the mushrooms. You can make the sauce from the mixture of garlic, chili, tomato sauce, and salt.

3. Cireng with Rujak Sauce

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This particular fried snack is indeed timeless. Now, cireng can also be made using Bakso Goreng Unifood flour. Just add water and chopped onion, and then cook the mixture until it thickens. Shape the dough according to taste, then fry it all. To enhance its taste, don’t forget to serve cireng with some rujak sauce made from garlic, chili, palm sugar, salt, sour oil, and flavoring spice.

4. Bakwan

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Bakwan is also easy to make at home. This is because of Unifood Tepung Bakwan. You just need to prepare water and vegetables according to taste. If you’d like more, you can also add other stuffings, like meat or quail eggs. Now, how do you think you can enhance the taste of your bakwans? Maybe try adding cheese sauce, so that the taste would be more unique and delicious.

5. Pajeon (Korean snacks)

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This particular snack is best consumed while eating Korean dramas. Therefore, you can also feel the atmosphere of being in South Korea. You can make it with Unifood Tepung Bakwan. Also, prepare various vegetables and seafood, such as shrimp and squid. After all the ingredients have been mixed, fry it on at non-stick pan. Aside from its crispiness, the soft texture of it will also melt on your tongue!

Those are some savory fried snacks that you can make at home. So, what are you waiting for? Try it now with Unifood Flour Seasoning! Also, for more complete recipe of other savory fried snacks, you can check our Instagram account @kreasipondanid and YouTube Emang Gampang Pondan.


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