5 Tips on Making Crust Pie

The delicacy of pie is not only influenced by the contents, but also by the crunchiness of the crust that covers it. By the way, making crispy crust itself is easy. The method will be reviewed in the explanation below:

  1. Use Low Protein Flour

The gluten content found in the flour will greatly affect the level of rawness of the crust pie that we will make. The higher the gluten, the more tough the quality of crust pie will be produced. Therefore, choose low-protein flour to make crust pie crunchy because it has a low gluten content.

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    1. Cold Eggs and Margarine are Better

      Crunchy crust does not mean easy to brittle when bitten. To avoid this, we can use cold eggs and chopped frozen margarine when trying to make crust pie mixture. Even if additional water is needed, try to keep using cold water.

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  1. Pay attention to the Mixing Technique

The dough you want to produce isn’t as smooth as a cake in general. But it is quite flat and grainy. Therefore we only need to shake the dough using a finger or fork, do not stir the mixture directly using the hand because the hot temperature of the hand will make the frozen margarine melt and the dough does not grind.

cara membuat crust pie pondan
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  1. Milled Dough With Fitting Size

Dough that is rolled too thick will make crust pie tough and difficult to cook. Conversely, if it is too thin, it will break easily and burn. Roll the dough to the right size using a wood grinder or bottle, then spread it into a mold using your fingers.

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  1. Pin The Dough with Fork

It aims to distribute heat from the oven evenly to the entire surface of the dough. That way the resulting crust pie will be cooked and crispy thoroughly.

After successfully making crispy crust pie, it’s time to be creative to create special contents. We can use Pondan Brownies Pouch to be used as filling brownies on the pie we want to make. Only from one package, we can make brownie pie with quality ingredients without taking a long time. Happy cooking!


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