5 Tips on Storing Your Homemade Ice Cream at Home

When making your own ice cream at home, making it frozen is one important step to do. But not many know, if you store the ice cream the wrong way, it can affect the taste when eaten. Well, to keep the stock of ice cream made by mom & sis remains safe and delicious, here are 5 tips for storing ice cream that have been collected for you below!

  1. Check your freezer temperature

Make sure you check the freezer temperature in your fridge before putting ice cream in it. Ice cream is best stored at -18oC or below, no more. It aims to maintain the taste and texture of the ice cream itself.

  1. Store ice cream in an airtight container

Ice cream has a composition that is mostly fat and absorbs odors even when frozen. Therefore, use an airtight container so that your ice cream does not absorb the smell of other food in your refrigerator so that your ice cream does not change the taste and the aroma becomes strange.

  1. Place the ice cream in the deepest part of the freezer
Freezer - [ via freepik.com ]
Freezer – [ via freepik.com ]
Don’t put ice cream near the freezer door. Ice cream has melting properties, while the temperature near the freezer door has an inconsistent temperature because it is easiest to come into contact with warm temperatures outside the refrigerator when the door is opened and closed. Therefore, keep your ice cream in the very back of the freezer because there temperatures tend to be stable and cold.



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  1. Do not let the ice cream overgrown with frost

The air trapped in the container usually makes your ice cream overgrown with ice crystals that make the texture rough when eaten. The solution, besides using an airtight container, also cover the surface of your ice cream with plastic wrap or wax paper to avoid growing ice crystals. You are also advised to use wide and short sized containers, so that the results of your ice cream can freeze quickly but minimal ice crystals.

  1. Immediately finish your ice cream
Membagikan es krim dalam wadah – [ via freepik.com ]
Membagikan es krim dalam wadah – [ via freepik.com ]
Serious. Finish your ice cream immediately. No matter how good you keep it, the longer you put it in the freezer, the more ice cream will lose its best taste and texture. The best time to save homemade ice cream to keep it delicious is no more than about 1-2 weeks.


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