5 Tips to Make Super Soft Putu Ayu

pondan.comPutu ayu is a type of traditional snack with a sprinkling of savory grated coconut on the top. This super soft putu ayu looks like a sponge cake. The process of making this snack is quite easy, but if you take a wrong step it can make it tough and not expand perfectly.

The concept of making this putu ayu snack is the same as making cake. Here are some anti-butt tips to make a super soft putu ayu that you can try.

  • Super Soft Putu Ayu – Beat the Eggs Until They’re Flourish

One of the mistakes that causes the cake to become lumpy and does not expand is the imperfect whisking process. The mixing process is carried out with the help of a mixer.

Mix the eggs and sugar and then carry out the whisking process until fluffy and stiff. For maximum results, do this shaking process with a time of 7-8 minutes.

  • Sifting Wheat Flour

To produce super soft putu ayu, a medium protein wheat flour is needed. Do the sifting process before adding the flour to the dough. This is so that there are no lumps of dough.

  • Stirring by ‘Folding’

The process of mixing the dough and flour can use a plastic spatula. The way to stir it is not by turning or shaking it, but by folding it. This process will prevent the dough from sticking during the steaming process

  • Using Natural Dyes

Tips for using food coloring is to use pandan juice as a natural dye. Natural coloring will make the texture of your putu cake dough a little more fluid.

Food coloring can be added after the flour mixing process is complete. Then stir normally until the green color is evenly mixed.

  • Heat the Roast First

The way to steam super soft putu ayu so that it expands perfectly is to pay attention to the steaming process. Put enough water into the putu ayu cake steamer and wait for it to boil and release a lot of water vapor.

That’s a little explanation about anti-butt tips to make putu ayu super soft. Hopefully these tips are useful and you can immediately practice them at home.

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