5 Types of Indonesian Layer Cakes

Indonesia is known to have a variety of culinary. One of them is layer cake. There are a lot of Indonesian layer cakes. Cakes with unique look and taste have a variety of ingredients and processing methods according to their respective home regions. It makes you want to immediately eat a piece, huh? Instead of being curious, it’s better to read the reviews below first!

  1. Steamed Layer Cake – Surabaya

Consisting of 3 layers of soft and thick sponge cake, Steamed Layer Cake from Surabaya is one of Indonesia’s layer cakes which is a favorite of many people. Blend the soft sensation of sponge with the sweetness of strawberry jam, it guaranteed to be very fitting to be served at special moments.

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  1. Lapis Legit – Bandung

Bandung is indeed a delicious culinary paradise. For example Lapis Legit Bandung. Unlike Lapis Kukus Surabaya which has thick layers, this cake actually consists of a large number of thin layers. The texture is also legit and solid. Eating it while drinking warm tea will ease your tiredness instantly.

pondan kue lapis
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  1. Rice Layer Cake – Manado

Rice flour has been widely known as the main ingredient in cake making. An example is this Manado Rice Layer Cake. Made from rice flour, coconut milk, pandanus, and sugar, this Manado-style cake tastes so delicious on the tongue.

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  1. Sago Layer Cakes – Betawi

Not wanting to be left behind, there is also the Sago Layer Cake from Jakarta that must be tasted when visiting the Capitol. Given another name that is Pepe Cake, this Indonesian layer cake has a chewy texture and beautiful colors to please the eyes.

pondan kue lapis khas indonesia
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  1. Taro Layer Cake – Bogor

Bogor also has a typical Indonesian layer cake that should not be missed. Made from taro, Taro Layer cake usually consists of two large layers topped with various kinds. Starting from cheese, jam, then chocolate. All stay adjusted to our taste.

pondan kue lapis khas indonesia
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