5 Types of Sweet Martabak

5 Types of Sweet Martabak That You Will Like

Pondan.com Mom & sis must be familiar with sweet martabak. Everyone’s favorite snack, also known as Terang Bulan, is easy to find. Many sweet martabak are sold everywhere, from street vendors to contemporary modern shops. With the characteristics of legit stuffing, sweet martabak today also has a variety of variations you know. For more details, let’s look at 5 types of sweet martabak, following the review.

  1. Martabak Bangka

5 Jenis Martabak Manis

At its original place, the Bangka-Belitung Islands, the martabak bangka is also known as Hok Lo Pan, which means the Hoklo cake. It is said that this cake was originally made by Chinese peranakan people who live there. Martabak Bangka is what later became the forerunner to the sweet martabak which now spreads throughout Indonesia.

  1. Martabak Roll Pandan

5 Jenis Martabak Manis

Like a sponge roll, but not a sponge roll? Yes, that’s Martabak Roll Pandan. This Martabak is an innovation from sweet martabak in general, which is slightly different. With the addition of Pandan Essence to the batter, this martabak looks even more beautiful and seductive. Delicious!

  1. Martabak Black

5 Jenis Martabak Manis

Why is the martabak jet black? Eitss … Martabak’s blackness doesn’t mean it burns. Black Martabak is deliberately black in mixtures such as black cocoa powder, black forest powder, or charcoal powder. Not only makes the Martabak color more attractive, the addition of the powders also apparently added a distinctive aroma and taste to the Martabak.

  1. Martabak Pizza

5 Jenis Martabak Manis

The classic martabak for some people may feel boring because they can only choose 1-2 toppings. That said, that’s where the idea of ​​making pizza martabak began. One type of martabak with various toppings that you can choose according to taste. Perfect for those of you who want a martabak with a variety of flavors but without making a broken bag. Like pizza, martabak pizza is also very suitable for you who need a dish to be eaten in a crowd.

  1. Dry Thin Martabak

One of the martabak processed innovations that are on the rise is behind the martbak ticker. Behind its popularity which is now increasingly sought after, there is the figure of Koh Asan, a martabak businessman from the city of Bandung who is said to be the creator of a thin dry martabak for the first time. Well, if martabak is usually with a soft and soft texture, then the uniqueness of this martabak is the dry and crispy texture but still delicious like a martabak. Unique right?

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