5 Ways to Serve Marshmallows to the Next Level

Who doesn’t like snacking? This activity does make the stomach full and the heart feels happy. One snack that must be available is marshmallows. The sweet taste and chewy texture are indeed suitable for any occasion. Sometimes you get bored eating marshmallows in the same way. Why not check out some of the unique ways to serve marshmallows below?

  1. Baked with Bread

The most practical nutritious breakfast is said to be obtained from a cup of bread and a glass of milk. So that the atmosphere of your morning meal is not monotonous, try changing the contents of your bread which is usually jam or chocolate into melted marshmallows. It must have made you even more excited.

ways to serve marshmallows
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  1. Served with Popcorn

The method is very easy. Just melt a bowl of marshmallows in the oven, then sprinkle popcorn and stir until evenly distributed. While it is still melting, form the dough into a round using a cake puncture then let it harden.

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  1. Pour into Warm Chocolate

In the middle of the cold rainy season, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate milk combined with sweet marshmallows will certainly make the body warmer. Do not forget to rest your body and mind for a moment from the daily work routine.

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  1. Applied as a Substitute for Whipped Cream

If we have been reluctant to eat cake or cupcake because we are feeling uncomfortable with the spread of whipped cream on it, we can now work around this by replacing whipped cream with melted marshmallows. Its light texture and light taste won’t make the stomach feel like it.

ways to serve marshmallows
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  1. Made as Smores

Lately, smores have become a viral snack that is popular with many people. This is not surprising, given the unique taste and shape is inviting the attention of many people. How to make it even easy, can even be made directly by us at home. Only with marshmallows and Pondan Brownies Pouch, we can make delicious brownie smores from our own kitchen.

Yes, with Pondan Brownies Pouch consisting of quality ingredients properly measured, making it easy for anyone to create a variety of delicious cakes to eat, including Brownies Smores. It is one of many ways to serve marshmallows. Try to cook it yourself by following the recipe below. Happy cooking!

How to Make Brownies Smores

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