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Chocolate business – Chocolate is the name for processed foods or beverages from cocoa beans. Long ago, chocolate could only be consumed by the nobles, in contrast to the present day where chocolate is consumed by various social circles freely. It tastes sweet and comes in many forms, making many people never tired of eating chocolate. This indicates how great and wide the potential of chocolate business are. If you are planning to start a business, you can jump into opportunities in the chocolate market. These are some examples of business ideas you can try to do manually, even at home.

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Praline is a form of chocolate candy made from chocolate and butter, served in a wide variety of shapes and is stuffed with things like peanuts and fruit. Pralines are really easy to make. You just need to pour the molten chocolate that has been dyed or stuffed into the mold with the various shapes and then place in the freezer. Thousands of classical to modern praline recipes can be found on the internet. Praline chocolate is suitable to be marketed as a gift to a loved. one, a friend’s birthday, or a family event. Do not hesitate to create unique forms and fillings, because it can be the main attraction of your product.



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Cake is a food that usually tastes sweet but some are salty and can be just as tasty. The basic ingredients of the cake are floured dough, either rice flour, sago flour, tapioca, or wheat flour. Cakes in Indonesia are usually categorized based on their water content, cakes and pastries. In addition to Indonesia, cake recipes from Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands, and China are also quite popular and become the main snack for special events. You can choose one of the cakes you like and add a chocolate element to your creations. Examples of success are the famous Amanda Brownies with chocolate steamed brownies. Now it’s your turn.



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Ice cream is a food that contains fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The taste is sweet, cold, and has a soft texture that is always sought by people, especially in tropical countries like Indonesia. Opening an ice cream shop is a promising business. You can make chocolate ice cream as your top product. To make it different from the others competitors, combine ice cream with waffles, pancakes, and cakes.



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Chocolate was first consumed by the ancient Meso-American population as a beverage. Although usually taken for pleasure, it turns out that chocolate is also good for your health because it contains antioxidants. Just like tea and coffee, chocolate drinks are easy to enjoy for everyone, no matter your age or social class. You can also choose to sell it as a fresh drink in a small wagon / stand or ready-brewed powder drink.



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Chocolate jam is a chocolate paste that is mostly made as a spread on bread and toast or similar pastries such as waffles, pancakes, and muffins. Chocolate jam is usually sold in glass jars or plastic containers. You may have heard of the famous blend of chocolate and hazelnut spread from Nutella. You can make your own jam with additional ingredients such as honey and market them with affordable price.



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Chocolate is not only food for your stomach, but it also can nourish your skin. Several cosmetic brands from Indonesia and abroad already offer skin care products that are made from chocolate. However, you can even make a face mask yourself and sell it to high schoolers and college students who tend to have a limited budget. Just make sure your mask is safe to use, does not cause irritation, and does not violate the rules of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

It is not just about idea, you have to make a plan to make your business grow. Keep innovating and follow the popular trends. Improve the quality of products and services so that the business you manage will be great. Use quality goods, such as premixes from Pondan for cookies, ice cream, and other sweet treats. Pondan even provides bulk-sized premixes that are suitable for industries. And remember, you may not be the first person to build a chocolate business, but you can always aim to be the best.

Bisnis CokelatBisnis Cokelat

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