6 Main Ingredients of New Packaged Bulky Tofu Premix from Pondan

pondan.com Tofu flower is a typical Japanese and Chinese culinary which is quite a favorite for the Indonesian people’s tongue. Especially if you already know the benefits of beancurd. Bulky beancurd premix new packaging from Pondan is an instant solution for people who like this culinary delight.

A practical premix from Pondan to make delicious and delicious beancurd is of course formulated with the best ingredients. In addition, this product variant from Pondan is available in 80 gram packages. Suitable for needs with large quantities

Main Composition of Premix Bulky Pondan Tofu

If you want to make beancurd at home in an easy and practical way, you can use this tofu cake from Pondan. This time it comes with a new, prettier packaging and definitely the best quality. What are the main ingredients of Bulky beancurd?

Soybean Powder

Surely the main ingredient for making delicious and soft beancurd is this powdered soy bean. Because this is the ingredient that will make the beancurd dish special.

Bulky Pondan beancurd It contains approximately 58% soy bean powder than other ingredients.


Bulky Cauliflower Premix Pondan is also added with sugar to give it a distinctive sweet taste. But only about 5 g is given for the entire 80 gram package.


Bulky Pondan beancurd also has salt to give it a savory taste. So don’t ask to be soft on the tongue but give more delicacy.

Skim Milk Powder

Interestingly, Bulky Pondan beancurd contains powdered skimmed milk. Of course, this will make the tofu much more delicious and healthy, because the fat and protein content is balanced.

Ginger Powder

Besides that, it is also equipped with ginger powder to add to the distinctive aroma of beancurd. This is because ginger sugar syrup is the perfect complement to enjoy beancurd.

How are you ready to make beancurd at home? The practical way is to just prepare Bulky beancurd premix Pondan this new packaging.

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