An easy way to store instant cake flour so it doesn’t spoil

pondan.comInstant cake flour can be called a helper when you suddenly want to make cakes in a fast way. Moreover, the failure rate of making cakes with this ingredient is very small so it is very reliable even in a tired and exhausted state.

For this reason, storing this flour in sufficient quantities is needed, especially for mothers who are busy in their daily lives. But unfortunately for various reasons sometimes this flour becomes damaged so that your plans to make cakes fail.

It must be annoying when you find some stock of instant cake flour that has been prepared cannot be used. Moreover, there are fleas because they have already been opened but forgot to use them for some reason. Below are some tips to make it last longer, check it out!

  1. Store Instant Cake Flour in the Freezer First

After buying flour, and you open it to make but suddenly it doesn’t happen for some reason. Then put the flour in the plastic in the freezer for 48 hours. The point is to kill beetles or insect eggs that are most likely in the flour.

  1. Store in a closed plastic or glass container

Then after storing it in the freezer for 48 hours, move the storage place. It is better if you store it in a place that has a lid with an airtight plastic or glass material. The goal is to keep the smell of instant cake flour fresh and retain moisture.

  1. Don’t mix the new flour with the old one

If it turns out you’ve saved in the same way and forgot. And then have opened a new flour and not made it again so it’s best not to mix it in storage. It is better to separate the storage area and use the old one first.

  1. Keep Away From Strongly Scented Foods

When storing it do not forget to keep away from foods that have a sharp aroma. Examples such as durian, onions, jackfruit, meat and so on because instant cake flour can absorb the surrounding aroma.

The 4 tips above can be applied when you buy instant cake flour and don’t cook it even though it has been opened. Don’t forget to write down the date of purchase to know how long the flour is. So you can estimate the expiration date when you want to use it.

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