Arranging a Cupcake Flower Bouquet

3 Tips for Arranging a Bouquet of Flowers from a Cupcake A bouquet of colorful flowers certainly looks beautiful ya mom & sis. But what if the flowers can also be delicious to eat? Maybe that’s about the idea that comes to mind people who first made a bouquet of flowers from a cupcake. After being satisfied watching it, it can be eaten directly into the mouth. Hap!

The trend of making a bouquet of flowers from a cupcake is indeed popular in recent years. Its sweet appearance and pampering eyes make a bouquet of flowers from the cupcake a great choice as a gift for loved ones. In order to make it more special, mom & sis can also make a bouquet of flowers from this cupcake at home. For that Pondan has 3 tips for arranging a bouquet of flowers from a cupcake for you!

Use Styrofoam

Flowers from a Cupcake

Assumed from, you can arrange a cupcake into a series of beautiful flower bouquets using the help of styrofoam. The shape of the Styrofoam becomes like a ball then place it in a vase until the Styrofoam ball is locked snugly and does not waver. Use a toothpick to attach your cupcakes to the styrofoam ball until it’s full to resemble a bouquet. When finished, add decorations such as small flowers and leaves and ribbons to make the bouquet of flowers from your cupcake look even sweeter.

Arrange on a basket

You can also arrange your cupcakes on a basket to create a bouquet of flowers from a beautiful cupcake. As reported by, you can simply prepare a basket that has been covered with foam and various flowers and leaves before then put some beautiful cupcakes on it. In order to not easily come off, do not forget to also pin a few toothpicks under your cupcake so that the cupcake sticks to the foam in the basket.

Arrange on a plate

Flowers from a Cupcake

Want to present your cupcakes beautifully and quickly? You can arrange your cupcake on a plate to resemble a bouquet of flowers, you know. Following, just use a large plate and arrange your cupcakes to resemble a round flower bouquet. Finally, decorate the arrangement of your cupcakes with stalks, ribbons, or other decorations using the remaining buttercream frosting. Simple and easy!

So what about mom & sis, it’s not difficult right? Now for those of you who want to immediately try to make this cupcake bouquet at home, Pondan also has Cupcake Vanilla premix flour and Chocolate Cupcake ready to make it easier for you to make a cupcake bouquet. Just add eggs, water, and liquid margarine. Practical and easy! You can get this product on the Pondan website and your favorite e-commerce. Come on, create your creation with Pondan!

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