Au Bain Marie Cooking Techniques

What is Au Bain Marie?

Pondan.comFor mom & sis who are experienced or beginners in the baking world, may have heard of a cooking technique called Au Bain Marie. Au Bain Marie is a French word that literally means boiling-water bath. It is unclear where the Au Bain Marie cooking technique originally came from, but it is believed that this technique was first discovered by a chemist in Europe in the middle ages.

Similar to steaming techniques, Au Bain Marie also utilizes heat from water vapor. Au Bain Marie is usually used to cook or warm food slowly, avoiding direct heat from the fire. The goal is that the cooking results when cooked will not lose much water content and remain moist.

Use of Au Bain Marie

The use of Au Bain Marie’s cooking technique aims to produce foods with a soft, dry texture. Cooking made with lots of eggs and milk is usually best suited to use this technique. In the world of Patisserie, Au Bain Marie is commonly used in making foods with refined ingredients such as custard, creme brulee, or cheesecake. This technique is also best used for melting chocolate, or other ingredients that need to be melted slowly.

Au Bain Marie Tecnique
Au Bain Marie on the stove

Not only for matters of making cakes. Au Bain Marie is also commonly used in matters of cooking heavy dishes. Cuisine such as cream soup, mashed potato, or complicated sauces made from Hollandaise sauce also uses this technique. The use of Au Bain Marie in the dishes above is not only intended to ripen the food slowly but also so that the ingredients in it mix well without making it clot.

How to use the au bain marie technique

There are 2 ways you can use it when doing the Au Bain Marie technique, namely the use on the stove and in the oven. For use on the stove, mom & sis just boil water on the pan and then place a large bowl of heat resistance on it. Put the flame on a medium setting so that the bowl does not pop in steam. This method with a bowl on the pan is suitable for you who want to melt chocolate or thicken the sauce.

Au Bain Marie on the oven

Well, for mom & sis who want to make creme brulee or cheesecake, you can use this technique in the oven. The trick, prepare a wide baking pan or heat-resistant dish width in the oven. Then fill with water to half the height of the pan/dish. Then, place a baking sheet/ramekin filled with the dough that you want to cook on a baking dish with water before then baking as usual according to the recipe you want.

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