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Sponge Cake and Butter Cake, Are They Kue Bolu? – If you are a cake lover, you must be familiar with the term “kue bolu”, right? Yes, the name that refers to this soft textured cake generally consists of three main ingredients, namely eggs, wheat flour, and sugar. However, do you know where the sponge cake came from and what types? The term […]

4 Varieties of Chocolate to Enhance Flavors – If you like chocolate, you must be familiar with the variants, don’t you think? Chocolate is one of the most primary ingredients of cakes. Its addictive taste is believed to have a number of health benefits, one of which is reducing stress levels and improving mood. Chocolate can relieve stress conditions because it […]

3 Common Mistakes on Making Choux – Who doesn’t like the softness of Choux Cake? Yes, this round cake filled with milk fla or custard is indeed able to shake the tongue of the audience. However, making this cake from the land of windmills, the Netherlands, turns out to be easy and difficult, you know. You see, the mixture of […]

History of Whip Cream – Whipped cream or what is often called whipped cream has indeed become a mandatory topping when decorating sponge cakes. Not only sponge or cake, whip cream can also apparently be used to decorate drinks. Its soft texture and taste that is not too sweet is indeed addictive, especially when mixed with other ingredients […]

5 Types of Cheese for Cake Lovers – Who doesn’t love cheese? Almost everyone’s complementary food tastes savory and fragrant. Cheese which is made from cow’s milk is able to make food delicious. However, did you know that there are several types of cheese, which you can consume according to your needs. Here are 5 types of cheese that are commonly […]

5 Mistakes on Making Donut – Donut lovers, making donut may not be as simple as it looks. Have you ever failed when kneading the dough and it turned tough? Indeed, kneading this donut dough is not easy, Moms. A smooth dough is characterized by a smooth texture and does not break easily. So, why doesn’t donut dough turn […]

Corn Starch: What Is It For in Baking?

Corn Starch: What Is It For in Baking? | – Cakes have become a mandatory dessert for many people. Not only for consumption, cakes can also improve the mood of those who eat them, especially if the cake has a soft texture and tastes delicious. But to make the perfect cake texture is tricky, […]

5 Popular Ice Cream You Must Try

5 Popular Ice Cream You Must Try | – Who doesn’t love ice cream? Yes, this sweet and cold dessert is believed to be effective in treating a gray mood. However, did you know that this food which consists of the main ingredients of milk and cream has many variations. Come check out 5 […]

What Pudding Actually Means in Different Countries

For those of you who enjoy searching pudding recipes from all around the world, perhaps it is no surprise for you to know that a pudding can actually mean so many different things. Yes, it turns out that the term “pudding” can indeed refer to a variety of foods with different shapes and textures in […]