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Brownies Fudgy, Chewy, and Cakey, What’s the Difference? – What kind of brownies do you like? There are three different types – fudgy, chewy, and cakey. What distinguishes each type is the texture and taste. There are cakes that are dense, sticky and use lots of chocolate. What’s the difference? Let’s see the explanation below! Fudgy Fudgy brownies have a high fat content […]

Kue Kering Anti Gagal Dengan 5 Tips Ini

Kue Kering | – Banyak tips yang menjelaskan apa saja yang kamu harus lakukan demi mendapatkan kue kering yang sempurna. Hanya saja beberapa di antaranya sudah terlalu biasa. Contohnya seperti ikuti resep, panaskan oven, dan lainnya. Tapi, pernahkah kamu berpikir, apa hal yang tidak boleh kamu lakukan agar kue kering tidak gagal. Berikut, 5 […]

Who Invented Tiramisu?

Tiramisu | – Do you need something sweets to completed the gathering with your friends? You can choose sweet and light desserts, like tiramisu. However, do you know when and how the delicious treat was created? Let’s take a look at the short history below. From Italy Tiramisu in Italian means ‘pick me up’. […]