Avoid These Things To Make Homemade Pondan Ice Cream Successful

pondan.com Weekend is one of the right moments to relax with family. However, quality time with family is incomplete without sweet dishes, one of which is homemade Pondan ice cream with various flavors.

Pondan ice cream has several very delicious flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, neopolitan, green beans, plain yogurt, durian, chocolate and Mocca flavor variants. Almost all of these flavors are loved by many ice cream lovers!

Some Mistakes That Make Homemade Foundation Ice Cream Fail

Although the steps for making Pondan homemade ice cream are already listed on the packaging. But there are people who fail to make Pondan ice cream because of the following mistakes:

Incorrect Ingredients used

Creating Pondan ice cream with various other ingredients is one thing that is not a problem. It’s just that mixing ingredients without the right dose will certainly make Pondan ice cream a failure.

In addition, the selection of additional materials must also be adjusted and need to be considered first. Considering that homemade Pondan ice cream has the right amount, so you have to be more careful in creating any additional ingredients for your ice cream.

Too much Whisk the Ice Cream

In the packaging of Pondan ice cream, it is already said that the ingredients for the ice cream are whipped using a mixer at maximum speed to expand. But that doesn’t mean you can shake it excessively. Because this will make your Pondan ice cream a failure.

Not Cooling Ice Cream Bowl

The ice cream ingredients that have been in the Mixer must of course be frozen before enjoying so that the freezing process becomes faster and the homemade Pondan ice cream does not fail. Not refrigerating the ice cream bowl beforehand will make the freezing process very slow.

This will be one of the factors why homemade ice cream sometimes turns out to be not frozen and not as delicious as usual. For that, you have to chill the homemade Pondan ice cream bowl in the refrigerator the day before.

Those are some mistakes to avoid when making Pondan homemade ice cream. The simplest step so that your ice cream doesn’t fail, then follow this step by step every step on the package.

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