Bake Your Cake With The Right Ways

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Bake Your Cake – – Setting the temperature or temperature of the oven and baking time of the cake when we make the cake is essential to produce the perfect shape, texture or cake flavor. Where sometimes in the recipe or how to make cake in the recipe book or internet media often the author does not include the temperature or roasting time.

Bake Your Cake

For example, if we bake a chiffon cake with medium temperatures then chiffon will burn while the inside is not yet ripe. Or another example, if we Bake sponge cake cake with low temperature then the sponge cake will not expand. Therefore, setting the oven temperature and baking time of the cake is very important. Here are tips on setting the oven temperature and baking time when making cake:

Tips to set the oven temperature and roasting time when making cake:

  • When roasting temperature and time are not included in the recipe, try setting the oven at 180 degrees and baking time for 30 minutes for sponge cake Pondan, batter cake, pound cake and cookies (brownies and Pondan cookies) are rather large. For Pondan soes cake, lapis surabaya and Pondan roll bolu generally use high temperature between 190 to 200 degrees celsius. While for cheese cake the temperature used is 130-150 degrees Celsius.
  • If after 15 minutes the cake appears very brown or start brown, this indicates the oven is too hot, lower the temperature as much as 5 or 10 degrees and continue the cake ripening.
    But if after 15 minutes the cake still looks pale and has not risen, then raise the temperature of the oven as much as 5 to 15 degrees depending on the condition of the cake at that time.
  • After 30 minutes open the oven and test the cake is cooked or not by stabbing it with a stick or skewer. If there is no pastry material attached it marked the cake is cooked. But if someone stuck the insert again into the oven and continue baking the cake.

Of course all this applies very commonly. the most important to know the respective oven. Do not forget to add temperature and roasting time on the recipe you tried. In order to make the cake or cake again, we already have the correct temperature and baking standards.

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