Baked Sponge Pondan is Versatile as Your Best Sponge Cake Ingredients Pondan specifically for multipurpose baked spongeis here to make it easier for those of you who like to make sponge cakes. Do you like sponge cake? or even become one of your mainstay menus with your family. Even more so if you mix it with the right flour

Now for the flour that you can use, this is a brand from Pondan, specifically for multi-purpose baked sponge which is here to be used as ready-to-use flour and is also quite practical for you to use. You can use this flour to make various kinds of sponge cakes that are your favorite.


The composition of this special cake flour is wheat flour, powdered sugar, skimmed milk powder, corn flour, baking powder, vegetable emulsifier and vanilla flavour. The existence of this composition will be the perfect blend to produce quite delicious sponge cake.

Tips for Making Sponge Cake

For those of you who still don’t really understand how to tell whether a cake that has been baked is ready or not, you can pierce the center of the cake using a toothpick and then remove it. If there is no dough sticking to it, it indicates that the cake is cooked.

Heating the Oven

The first tip is to preheat the oven to 140 degrees Celsius. For those of you who use a baking pan, you can use it directly without needing to heat the base first

Enter the ingredients

The next tip is to beat the eggs until fluffy then add the foundation multipurpose baked sponge and beat until your mixture expands perfectly and is thick. Then you need to add liquid margarine that has been cooled and stir until evenly distributed

Insert in Print

Finally, grease the baking sheet with margarine and bake the sponge cake mixture until cooked. After that you can enjoy it.

Thus the discussion in this article is about multipurpose baked sponge which you can get at the nearest marketplace and mini market.

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