7 Baking Equipment Substitutes

If you think baking is too complicated, well you thought wrong! Now, there are so many ways that you can do to ease the whole process. The important thing is that you never give up and innovate while doing it. For example, if you can’t find the required equipment, you can actually use other utensils with similar functions. Wondering what could it be? Here are some of the baking equipment substitutes you can use.

1. A Bottle to Roll Out Dough

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During baking, sometimes you will have to roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Well, if you don’t have that at home, you can actually replace it with a glass bottle, such as wine or syrup bottles. The weight and texture of most glass bottles are usually about the same as a classic rolling pin, with an equally smooth texture. So, if this is your very first time ever, this tool can be used as a baking equipment substitute.

2. Glass or Jar to Cut Cookies

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You can also cut cookie dough with whatever you have at home. For example, if you can’t find any cookie cutter at home, you can shape it yourself using any glass or jar at home. The trick is simply turn the glass over, pour a little bit of flour on the edge of the glass, then place it on the dough. No need to worry, most glasses or jars have similar sizes with most round-shaped cookie cutters.

3. Dental Floss to Slice Cakes

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In general, you will probably use a serrated knife to slice a cake into two parts. However, if it’s not available, you can replace it and use dental floss and toothpicks instead. How to do this? First, mark the center part of the cake with several toothpicks. Then, circle that part of the cake using dental floss. After, cross the left and right side of the floss and rub it gently. Voilaaa! The cake will be cut along with the movement of your hand.

4. Sieve Spoon to Separate Eggs

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Manually separating egg yolks and whites will certainly take a lot of time. So, what is the solution if we don’t have any specific tools at home? Well, you can use a sieve spoon instead. The trick is to put the filter spoon on top of a bowl. Then, crack the egg over the spoon. Slowly yet surely, the egg whites will be separated and added into the bowl, while the yolks will be stuck on the spoon. Easy, right?

5. Tongs for Squeezing Citrus

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Some cake recipes also require you to use orange juice as an additional ingredient. Now, instead of manually squeezing the oranges by hand, you can use tongs you have in the kitchen instead. You see, by using the help of tongs to squeeze it, there will be extra pressure that can more the orange juice squirt more. But, try to be careful when squeezing it to ensure that the seeds and pulps don’t come out as well.

6. Whisk to Beat Whip Cream

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It’s true that not everyone has a mixer at home. So, as an alternative, you can use a whisk instead to beat your batter, especially whip cream mixture. To achieve maximum results, make sure that the beating process is done quickly and uses a special technique. The technique is to move the whisk from side to side, not in a circular motion. In this way, the mixture will peak more quickly.

7. Teflon Pan to Bake

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Oven may be one of the most important tools in baking. However, if you don’t have an oven at home, you can use a teflon pan as baking equipment substitutes, even though the result may not be as good as using an oven. To ensure that the cookies don’t burn quickly, make sure you use low or medium heat when baking them. If necessary, also cover the Teflon with zinc or iron plate. Lastly, don’t forget to cover the pan with a lid.

Isn’t it easier to find these baking equipment substitutes? With these alternatives, baking can now be done by anyone, anywhere, especially if you use Pondan. You can make various types of cakes and desserts easily. Just follow the complete recipe on Instagram @kreasipondanid and Youtube Emang Gampang. Try at home!



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