Blackforest Cake Mix, Easy Choice to Make Blackforest Blackforest is one of the very popular cakes . Where, indeed to make it yourself requires a lot of materials and of course it must be weighed. However, you can avoid that by using blackforest cake mix from Pondan.

Certainly the dough from Pondan fits perfectly and there won’t be any ingredients left over later. To be able to make this blackforest, other additional ingredients are needed such as eggs and margarine.

Quick Review Blackforest Cake Mix

The interesting thing that can be found from this mixture is the availability of chocolate paste which is always used in making blackforest. Later, you can add the chocolate paste when the mixture has thickened.

From this chocolate paste, you will get blackforest which really tastes like chocolate. Apart from that, it has a very sweet taste. So, anyone will be addicted to this blackforest.

To get satisfactory results, don’t put 1 dough directly into 1 baking sheet. You can divide it into 3 pans. This is done so that later blackforestcould be cooked evenly until the middle.

In grilling blackforest this can be on high heat for about 15 minutes. Previously, the dough in the pan had to be leveled first, so that later it would give good results. Later, to find out the cake is cooked or not, you can pierce the middle with a toothpick. If there really isn’t any dough sticking to it, cake is definitely done.

Blackforest cake mix from Pondan itself has 2 variations, namely baked and steamed. Both of them definitely have the same ingredients with the best quality. Thus, being able to produce blackforest which is fragrant and also delicious.

That’s a short review about blackforest from Pondan. This Blackforest has the same taste as blackforest in general. When it’s finished baking or steaming, you can decorate it using butter cream as you wish. Come on, try this one blackforest.

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