Boiling green beans Tips  –  Almost everyone likes the kind of food that is made from green beans. Usually green beans are processed into cakes, pudding to ice cream, in addition to green bean porridge in general yes moms and sis. Sometimes also green beans are taken from the juice to be a fresh and nutritious drink. When boiling green beans, the first green bean stew is called green beans, moms and sis.

  • As we know green beans take a long time to become soft, so the boiling time is a bit longer. Before the green beans are boiled, preferably the moms and sis soak the green beans first. Soaking green beans can be done with water room temperature and warm water. Soaking time is approximately 6-8 hours (with water room temperature) and about 2-3 hours to soak by using warm water.
  • How to choose good quality green beans is by soaking the green beans. Green beans that float when soaked have a quality that is not too good. So if moms and sis see any green beans that float when soaked, discarded or separated.

The value of green bean protein becomes higher if the green beans are processed first. Like making green bean ice cream from Pondan can also lho moms and sis. When processed in the form of other foods, there will be additional some other foods that contain different nutritional value, so that the nutritional value obtained at meal time can vary and sufficient nutritional needs you know

So moms and sis, eat delicious but can also good nutrition intake for the body. Let’s try to make processed green beans in the form of ice cream provided by Pondan ..

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