Brownies Fudgy, Chewy, and Cakey, What’s the Difference? – What kind of brownies do you like? There are three different types – fudgy, chewy, and cakey. What distinguishes each type is the texture and taste.

There are cakes that are dense, sticky and use lots of chocolate. What’s the difference? Let’s see the explanation below!


Fudgy brownies have a high fat content derived from butter and chocolate.

The flour used in making cakes is usually only a little. So, the result cake becomes solid, super-moist and sticky which is somewhat similar to truffles.

Apart from whole eggs, fudgy recipe also requires additional egg yolks.


As the name implies, chewy brownies have a strong chocolate flavor. This cake is chewy at the edges. But in the middle, you will get a cake that is soft, moist, and slightly sticky.

To get a chewy cake, you need to use more flour that a fudge recipe. The flour will make the cake more structured. When eaten, the cake will feel chewy and have a less dense texture.


Cakey Brownies are not much different from a delicious chocolate cake. Even though it looks thicker than fudgy and chewy ones, cakey have a lighter texture. It because of the amount of fat used is lower than other recipe. Not to mention that the recipe used more flour and baking powder.

Brownies fudgy, chewy, and cakey have their own advantages. Everything is delicious, depending on each taste. You can also make all three of them using Pondan Brownies Pouch. It’s very easy to make, just add eggs, water, melted butter, and additional ingredients that you like. To make the cake you desire, don’t forget to add other ingredients you like.

Besides being very easy to make, you don’t need to use mixer to combine ingredients. Just use a spoon or fork. The cake can also be steamed or baked. Get Pondan Brownies Pouch on our website or your favorite e-commerce apps. Let’s be creative with Pondan!



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