Brownies Steamed Tips

Brownies is a cake that is already very famous in the culinary world. It’s sweet and legit makes this one food favored by all walks of life, including children.

Moms and sis  now can make their own by using the premix flour from Pondan, but we want to share tips also that may be moms and sis learn or try when practicing making brownies cake.

Basically, this brownie cake is like a sponge cake dough added with dark chocolate liquid into the dough. So the texture will be soft, soft and fluffy.

What are the tips, please listen to moms and sis following:

  • When making the dough, beat the sugar and eggs until the white is thick. If the sugar and eggs are not shuffled perfectly, there is a good chance the brownies will be steamed and heavy.
  • When steaming dough, moms and sis certainly need to heat the steamer first. Pour the dough into the pan while stirring, so that no butter and chocolate mixture will settle under
  • Steam brownies with medium heat. Moms and sis can also try to install a wok cap with napkins so that no moisture drips onto the surface of the cake. But if moms and sis are using clasates with a cone cover, it is not necessary to do
  • The durability of steamed brownie cake is for 3 days in room temperature. If moms and sis want to keep it in the refrigerator, it will last for a week. Most importantly, put the brownie cake in a tightly sealed container.

That’s about the tips that moms and sis can do if you want to make brownies steamed. In the packaging of Pondan Brownies Kukus is also complete moms and sis how to serve it, so moms and sis need not be confused when making brownies steamed ala Pondan because of how easy and easy to practice.

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