Bulky Mango Pudding from Pondan

pondan.comMango pudding is still one of the favorite puddings used as a dessert or desserts. If you are planning to make large quantities of mango pudding, bulky mango pudding from Pondan is the right choice for you. This is because the bulky type of Pondan pudding has more content, namely 800gr.

With so many contents from Pondan bulky, this will definitely be very useful when making large quantities of pudding for an event or other purposes. Apart from that, with the many ingredients of this pudding, you can do various experiments to create the pudding.

Get creative with Mango Bulky Pudding

Bored with just the same pudding creations, then you are at the right place. The following are various mango pudding creations with Mango Bulky Pudding from Pondan.

1. Mango Pudding with Flax Sauce

The first pudding creation is pudding with Fla sauce. To make this pudding using ingredients from Pondan, of course, it will be very easy, because in the package for Pondan pudding, ingredients for Fla sauce are provided which can be made together with the pudding.

2. Chocolate Mango Pudding

Next is the Chocolate Mango Pudding. You can make chocolate pudding first, then pour it into the mold and wait for it to be half done. Next, you can start making mango pudding and place it on top of the semi-finished chocolate pudding. Later this pudding will have two different colors.

3. Silky Mango Pudding

Silky Pudding is still a favorite of many people because of its delicious taste with fruity flavors and soft texture. Of course it will be perfect if you want to make silky pudding with mango pudding from Pondan. To make it even more beautiful, you can add real mango pieces to the pudding.

So, those are some examples of mango pudding creations that you can use as references. If you need a large amount of pudding ingredients, whether for an event or just experimenting, you can choose bulky pudding from Pondan, one of which is mango bulky pudding. That’s all for this discussion. So much from me, thanks.

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