7 Things to Check Before Buying Nastar

buying nastar

7 Things to Check Before Buying Nastar | Pondan.com – Lebaran is getting closer but maybe you are too busy to make your own cookies. Fortunately ready-to-eat cookies for Eid can be found in markets and supermarkets. You just pick one or two then pay at the cash register.

buying nastar

Unfortunately, in order to attract buyers, gain multiple profits and meet rising demand, there are some sellers who sell ordinary nastar cookies at high prices.

Negative thoughts are not good, but it couldn’t hurt to check the nastar cookies before buying them. Then how to choose and recognize which is good and nice nastar? Let’s take a look at 6 points below.

  • Shape

Choose nastar with a shape that is not too smooth because it’s a sign of a crisp cookie and has used the right butter. A finely shaved nastar generally has used too much flour.

  • Yellow egg wash

The nastar cookies that use a real yellow egg yolk are pale yellow, not too bright, and slightly uneven. Whereas a nastar that has used artificial egg yolk is generally thick, yellow toned with a little hint of brown.

  • Texture

If when bitten, and the nastar cookie is crunchy, then it means the composition of the ingredients used in the cookies is balanced. But if bitten, and the nastar tastes like a fine and messy flour, this means the dough mixture has an excessive amount of cornstarch and softening agent.

  • Pineapple jam

If when bitten, the pineapple jam is hard as a candy, it means the jam contains too much sugar. It’s good to choose a nastar cake with dried pineapple jam, easily bitten and still has a fresh tart taste of pineapple. This means the pineapple jam is well made.

  • Aroma

A delicious nastar cookie will have a distinctive buttery, egg, and baked taste. There will be no trace of the scent of eggs even though there are egg yolks.

  • Packaging

Good packaging will keep the aroma and quality of the nastar cookies. If when opened, nastar has a fresh and distinctive aroma, it is certain that the packaging works properly.

A qualified nastar cookie will include a production and an expiration date on the packaging. Buyers will know the shelf life of the cookies and can decide to buy it or not.

Well, now you can distinguish which ready-to-eat nastar cookies have good quality or not, right? But it would be nice to make your own nastar cookies because you will know the quality and taste. No time to bake? Too busy? Take it easy, there is Fruit Jam Cookie Mix from Pondan. By simply preparing egg yolks, butter, and margarine, you can make your own nastar. Find Pondan’s Fruit Jam Cookie Mix at the nearest mini market and supermarket!


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