Cake Pops, adorable snacks !

cake pops

Cake Pops, adorable & modern snacks ! – Hai Mom & Sis! Pernah have you hear about cake pops? Yup, This sweet dish is a lollipop shaped cake which is now becoming a trend in the world culinary universe. Cake pops were first developed in America and the figure who popularized them was Angie Dudley, a food blog creator named Bakerella from Georgia, United States. Dudley discovered this creation accidentally thanks to the fad who likes to be creative when making cake balls.

Because the unique & adorable shape, these creation are commonly used decorations as well as dishes at parties, offerings for guests, even gifts for friends and family. Cake pops also as the top snacks because of the ingridients are easy to find and easy to decorate.

cake pops

Want to try this creation at home ?

The step is very easy. Mom & Sis just enough to added frosting or whip cream with cake or brownies krim kue dengan cake atau brownies that have been crushed  into crumbs before. The cake and frosting mixture was then formed into solid dots the size of a ping pong ball and then stabbed with a lollipop or wooden stick and cooled in the freezer.

After chilling, the cake balls are then dipped in melted chocolate and then sprinkled with decorations such as colorful meses, chopped nut, or even dried grated coconut according to your taste. Cakes Ball that have been dipped in into melted chocolate and have been given a springkling are then aerated so that the chocolate layer hardens.

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brownies vla alpukat

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