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Zero Waste Cooking Tips You Can Do To Reduce Kitchen Waste – Did you know that the kitchen also contributes a lot of waste every day? Therefore, there are many movements that advocate doing zero waste cooking which can have a good impact on the environment and life. Tips Zero Waste Cooking To Reduce Kitchen Waste Zero waste cooking is one of the efforts you […]

Meatballs Popcorn Pondan – Good news! Pondan Unifood Fried Bakso Flour now has a sachet package. Wow, making fried meatballs at home will be more practical, of course. Here, I also just made a recipe for fried popcorn meatballs, which measure exactly the same as this new Pondan package. So, there isn’t any dough left. INGREDIENTS 1 […]

Tofu Crispy Balls –  Are you needing a snack at leisure time? Let’s try to make tofu crispy balls using Grandma new recipe! INGREDIENTS 300 gr of white tofu 2 eggs 1 box of Pondan Bakso Goreng Unifood Quail eggs Noodle crumbs TOOLS Bowl Fork Spoon Pan INSTRUCTIONS First, put 300 grams of white tofu in a […]

Mac & Cheese Sticks Pondan – Who is the cheese lover here? Now, Grandma has the Mac & Cheese Sticks Pondan recipe that you can try at home, My Grandchild. INGREDIENTS 115 gr macaroni 2 tablespoons butter Unifood Kentucky Seasoned Flour 240 ml of liquid milk Pepper 240 grams of cheddar cheese 2 eggs TOOLS Pan Bowl Print Knife INSTRUCTIONS […]

Seafood Pancake Unifood – My grandchild, are you bored with the same fried snack? So, I have new Seafood Pancake Unifood recipe from Korea that you can try to make.⁣This Seafood Pancake Unifood have soft and crispy texture. So, let’s try it!⁣ INGREDIENTS 1 pcs of Unifood Tepung Bakwan 10 gr of carrots 10 gr of cabbage […]

Korean Butter Chicken Unifood – Who is my Grandchild who likes to drool at Korean cuisine because of watching Korean dramas? Now, you can also make your own Korean-style fried chicken with Grandma’s latest recipe. INGREDIENTS: 4 pieces of chicken drumsticks 1 box of Tepung Bumbu ala Kentucky Unifood Salt to taste Pepper to taste 7 tablespoons of […]

Cheetos Wings Unifood – When you #Stayathome, your family will be happy if you make fried chicken. So, you can try to make Cheetos Wings Unifood with my recipe.⁣⁣ The process is easy and delicious will make you family love it. INGREDIENTS: 5 pieces of chicken wings Salt Pepper 1 box of Tepung Bumbu ala Kentucky Unifood […]

Bakso Goreng Tahu Unifood

Resep Bakso Goreng Tahu Unifood – Pengen tau resep bakso goreng tahu yang sehat dan gak kalah enak dari baso goreng daging ? Bahan-bahannya bisa didapat di dapur sendiri, pokoknya mudah dan praktis. Nggak perlu nimbang bahan lagi dan baksonya jadi menggembang dan anti gagal. Udah mulai penasaran ? Yuk langsung aja simak resepnya […]