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Pondan Ice Cream Product Reviews – Ice cream is indeed a food for all people, not only children who like to eat ice cream but adults and even parents also really like to eat ice cream. Although the price of ice cream is quite expensive, you can overcome this by making your own ice cream at home using pondan […]

Here’s How to Make Delicious Steamed Brownies at Home! – Brownies are always a food that fits in every atmosphere. No wonder this one food is also often a friend to drink coffee or tea. In fact, now to make it even easier, by making use of the Pondan Brownies Steamed Pouch. The composition in it also allows, Brownies to be baked. So […]

Tips for Making Delicious Black Forest Cake For Special Occasions – Serving delicious dishes in various special events is certainly a common thing to do. Cakes like black forest are often chosen as one of the dishes that must be present at certain events. In order to serve delicious cakes, you must know the right tips for making black forest. Black forest is often […]

Anti-Fail Instant Soft Chiffon Cake Recipe – If you want to make a delicious, blooming, and beautiful chiffon cake. However, worried because of the standard baking capabilities. Don’t worry, now there are tons of instant soft chiffon cake recipes that you can try. One of them, by using products from Pondan. Pondan products are widely known by the public as […]

Blackforest Sus Roll, a Beautiful Dish for Iftar – Soon Muslims will be fasting. One of the things to look forward to while fasting is of course the time to break the fast. There will be many choices of dishes that can be tasted when it is time to break the fast. One of the favorites is the type of sweet food. […]

Bakpia Brownies Recipe – How if the taste of Jogja’s typical bakpia become when combined with European recipes? That curiosity will be answered through this latest recipe from me. The name is Bakpia Brownies! This bakpia made by me is not just any bakpia because it’s made from brownie dough. It also has a cheesy creamy filling […]

Japanese Cream Puff Recipe – Make a super creamy and fluffy Japanese Cream Puff using Pondan? You can do it! The recipe is simple and doesn’t require a lot of additional ingredients. INGREDIENTS For Puff Cake 1 pack of Pondan Kue Soes 4 eggs 80 ml of water 70 gr of melted margarine 70 gr of melted butter […]

Indonesian Tradisional Donut Recipe – This weekend, it’s time to be creative! Because, I has a recipe for typical Indonesian kampung donuts. The way to make it is simple, but the texture is soft and very delicious. When I was child, I always enjoy the donut with my friends and family for snacking. And now, even though I’ve […]

Turkish Ice Coffee Recipe – The pleasure of #JelajahKulinerOma while drinking Turkish iced coffee. Wow, it turns out that Turkey is not only famous for its kebabs! Do you want to try it too? I has this simple recipe. INGREDIENTS 1 sachet of Pondan Magic Ice Cream Vanilla 150 ml of ice water Ground coffee (to taste) Ice […]

Corn Cheese Martabak Recipe – It’s not complete to explore Indonesian cuisine if you haven’t tried martabak. Martabak have special taste where we can really miss it! Especially if we eat at night. INGREDIENTS 1 box of Pondan Martabak 2 egg yolks 500 ml of water 20 g of melted butter Sugar Butter Sweet corn Grated cheese Condensed […]