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The Origin and Types of Pancakes From Various Countries – Do you like to enjoy pancake dishes? Pancakes themselves are a menu that is served as a breakfast menu in western countries, but now many Indonesians also make pancakes as a snack or breakfast, there are quite a few pancake recipes that you can try using ingredients you have at home. The Origin […]

Pancake Recipes for American Breakfast Guaranteed Easy and Delicious – Pancakes are one of the most common breakfast dishes found in America. This pile of bread is getting fresher with a variety of toppings. Such as marple syrup, fruit, jam, and so on. This pancake recipe for breakfast is actually very easy to make at home. Moreover, if you use Pondan Pancake Mix […]

Let’s Get To Know The Kinds Of Delicious Pudding For Iftar Menu – The month of Ramadan is here with us, of course, one of the iconic things during Ramadan is the variety of creative types of food for the iftar menu. Maybe you can see around where you are very many people busy selling in the afternoon and offering a variety of delicious food and […]

Practical Ways to Make Black Forest Cake – Several types of cakes have become very popular because they have a delicious taste that is liked by all people. One that has become a worldwide favourite is the Black Forest cake. This cake originated in Germany and is now known worldwide for its delicacy. The Origin of the Black Forest Cake Name  The […]

Donuts, Delicious Cakes Uniquely Shaped and Easy to Make – Food is one of the cultural treasures of mankind. Some of them have grown to all corners of the world and often develop with special characteristics. While some others still have almost the same characteristics and taste unchanged, one of which is donuts. Donuts are cake foods made from the main ingredient in the […]

Pancake Cooking Tips Guaranteed Success – Consuming pancakes can be the right food for any time and not only for breakfast, but also can be eaten anytime when you are hungry or just as a snack to delay hunger in the midst of busy activities. To be able to cook delicious pancakes with the right texture, it is necessary to […]

Unique and Interesting Pancake Menu Creation Ideas – Dishes for every day can be made unique and interesting with a variety of existing creations, one of which is pancakes which are one of the most popular dishes. in today’s society because the ingredients are easy to obtain. Not only made with simple methods and ingredients, there are various unique pancake creations that […]

Tips for Fried Chicken, Making It Extra Crispy!

Who among you likes to eat crispy fried chicken? Surely, you’ll know the sensation of the first bite, when crunchy chicken skin pierces your tongue. Well, don’t just imagine it! Come and cook this favorite fried chicken of yours at home. To make it extra crunchy, there are certainly a few things you need to […]

Easy, This is How to Cook Boba


Have you tried boba yet? Yup, lately these tapioca balls are very popular among the youth. Besides its chewy texture and savory taste, the carbohydrate and sugar content in boba can also add energy. Apparently, it is not that difficult to cook boba. The ingredients needed are also quite simple. Here are several steps on […]

For Valentine’s Food, Pair Chocolate with These 5 Ingredients

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is often associated with chocolate. The sweet and delicious taste of chocolate seems to represent the idea of love that is just as sweet. As a common Valentine’s food, chocolate will certainly be more pleasing if it’s combined with other tasty treats. So, which ingredients are the best chocolate […]