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Tips for Fried Chicken, Making It Extra Crispy!

Who among you likes to eat crispy fried chicken? Surely, you’ll know the sensation of the first bite, when crunchy chicken skin pierces your tongue. Well, don’t just imagine it! Come and cook this favorite fried chicken of yours at home. To make it extra crunchy, there are certainly a few things you need to […]

Easy, This is How to Cook Boba


Have you tried boba yet? Yup, lately these tapioca balls are very popular among the youth. Besides its chewy texture and savory taste, the carbohydrate and sugar content in boba can also add energy. Apparently, it is not that difficult to cook boba. The ingredients needed are also quite simple. Here are several steps on […]

For Valentine’s Food, Pair Chocolate with These 5 Ingredients

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is often associated with chocolate. The sweet and delicious taste of chocolate seems to represent the idea of love that is just as sweet. As a common Valentine’s food, chocolate will certainly be more pleasing if it’s combined with other tasty treats. So, which ingredients are the best chocolate […]

How to Make Fry Fried Meatballs

Bored with the meatballs that are boiled with noodles and vegetables? How about you try the fried meatballs? Although its has a similar name and uses meat as the main ingredient, the process of cooking and serving fried meatballs is rather complex compared to boiled meatballs. Fried meatballs that are already cooked will usually go […]

Make Cakes Look Beautiful with 5 Types of Natural Food Coloring

Serving cakes that taste good is a satisfaction for those who like to cook. Especially if the appearance of the cake looks beautiful. In addition to beautiful views, cakes also become increasingly arouse the tastes of the audience. To make a cake look beautiful, there are several ways we can do it. The most common […]

5 Ways to Serve Marshmallows to the Next Level

Who doesn’t like snacking? This activity does make the stomach full and the heart feels happy. One snack that must be available is marshmallows. The sweet taste and chewy texture are indeed suitable for any occasion. Sometimes you get bored eating marshmallows in the same way. Why not check out some of the unique ways […]

5 Tips on Making Crust Pie

The delicacy of pie is not only influenced by the contents, but also by the crunchiness of the crust that covers it. By the way, making crispy crust itself is easy. The method will be reviewed in the explanation below: Use Low Protein Flour The gluten content found in the flour will greatly affect the […]

5 Tricks to Make Healthy yet Delicious Muffins

Make Healthy yet Delicious Muffins

5 Tricks to Make Healthy yet Delicious Muffins 5 Tricks to Make Healthy yet Delicious Muffins | – Muffins at the bakery are surely delicious, but the homemade muffins are much healthier. You can add various ingredients into the muffin batter and control everything as desired. Need tips to make good and tasty muffins? Here […]

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Muffin

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Muffin

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Muffin 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Muffin | – Who likes to eat muffins for breakfast? A bread that looks like a cupcake has enough nutrition to be your energy to start the day. But sometimes it’s boring if you eat the same muffins everytime. Let’s upgrade your muffin in […]

10 Tips for Perfect Brownies

Tips for Perfect Brownies

Tips for Perfect Brownies Tips for Perfect Brownies | – Constantly fails when making brownies? Don’t need to be confused and sad again. Kreasi Pondan has 10 tips to make perfect brownies. Guaranteed!   PREPARATION Follow the instructions for the size of the baking pan and the length of baking in the recipe for […]