7 Common Cooking Mistakes to Avoid

Cooking activities can be quite tricky, especially for beginners. On the one hand, if you already know and understand how to follow recipes, cooking will certainly feel easy. However, if at the end of the day you fail again and again, you might feel that cooking is not an activity that you should do. But, before giving up, maybe you should look back at the whole process and check whether or not there were some common cooking mistakes you made. Time to avoid them! Here, we’ve summarized for you some of the most common cooking mistakes and their causes.

1. Not Following the Recipe

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The most common cooking mistake for many beginners is ignoring the recipe. Keep this in mind. Recipes are created by people who have succeeded in making certain dishes so that they taste just right or even that good. So, if you don’t feel like an expert in measuring, don’t try anything new! Otherwise, whatever you’re trying to make will turn out bad. Just make sure you follow the recipe, step by step so you don’t get caught up in deep regret.

2. Mixing the Wrong Way

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Mixing the dough is crucial when cooking certain dishes. Some dough, such as pancakes, should not be beaten for too long. On the other hand, there is also a certain dough that should not be beaten too briefly. Here’s a tip! Take a serious look at the recipe and follow all the mixing instructions. Pay attention to whether or not the dough should become thicken or not lumpy. Mixing the wrong will result in the dough becoming runny.

3. Not Using the Right Sheet

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In any recipe that calls for a baking sheet, be it baking or simply making pudding, you need to pay close attention to its size. Using a pan that’s not the right size can cause the food you’re trying to make, especially cakes, to fail or sodden. Why? This is because each pan size has different temperature and baking time requirements. Therefore, make sure you use the right pan.

4. Not Preheating Oven or Pan

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This particular cooking mistake is also very common for beginners. If the oven or frying pan is not preheated, the emulsifier inside the cake will lose its features as it is not directly exposed to heat. The same thing applies to any fried foods. It’ll be quite difficult to achieve a good frying texture when the pan is not preheated. So, make sure you preheat the oven and frying pan before using it, OK!

5. Being Too Curious about Your Dish

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When baking cakes, cookies, and many other dishes, make sure you don’t open the oven cover too often. If this happens, the temperature in the oven will change erratically. Since cakes must be baked at a consistent temperature, this will only result in an inconsistent result. Therefore, hold back your curiosity. Take it easy, and know that the duration in the recipe you are following won’t be wrong. We hope so!

6. Frying with a Small Amount of Oil

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Whenever frying is mentioned in recipes, pay attention to the amount of oil used and the remaining space in the frying pan. Because, if there’s only a small amount of oil, the fries will be difficult to cook perfectly. You also don’t want a pan crowded with too many fries since it will cause the temperature to become unstable. Also, make sure that the fire used when frying is not too hot. Otherwise, it’ll burn quickly!

7. Flipping Food Too Often

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Another mistake that often happens is this particular one. Often caused by curiosity, you flip the dish again and again to check whether or not it’s become golden brown. To avoid it, here are several tips that you can follow. In making pancakes, for example, simply flip the pancakes once on each side. When frying foods or snacks, moreover, don’t overturn them too often since it will become unevenly cooked.

So, have you ever got caught up in these common cooking mistakes? Then, this is the right time to avoid it! Don’t worry, if you ensure that you follow and pay attention to all recipes from Pondan, all kinds of cakes and dishes that you make are guaranteed success. Want more kitchen tips? Simply follow Pondan on Instagram @kreasipondanid and let’s cook properly together!


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